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This Woman Decided To Try Open Marriage For 12 Months | Megyn Kelly TODAY | Update

Robin Rinaldi had been married nine years when she asked her husband to consider an open marriage. Now she joins Megyn Kelly TODAY to talk about the …

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  1. Robin Rinaldi wrote a great book about her experiences. Many of the judgemental commenters on this thread would do well to read it before throwing all their "fire and brimstone" at her. I'm sure most are just jealous they couldn't do it.

  2. Fascinating experience this woman has had. She's very strong. That's a lot of emotional ups and downs and inner conflicts, One could only imagine. I'm happy to see that she seems well rounded and to hear she and her ex husband are friends. I'm glad they were considerate enough of each other to give one another a chance to do things they felt would make them happy. Not everything in life is cut and dry. We are complicatedly made… we will live lives that are complicated. much love and peace to her.

  3. I don’t think most of you are understanding this woman’s viewpoint. She was going through it in her marriage and her husband wasn’t fulfilling what she wanted in life. He was selfish for telling her he didn’t want kids after the fact that she’s at a point in her life where she most likely won’t be able to. And then a vasectomy at that? He seriously did not care about what she wanted. So what if she wanted to get out there and try new things. She was with this man for 20+ years and if my husband tells me he doesn’t want kids then I’m leaving him and finding someone who will. I feel bad for her in a way.

  4. Most people refrain themselves to it, and call it biology, Society, or whatever you want, but we have one life only and life is about to be happy with whatever we do, so if you like it hit it, if you don’t…don’t cry when you are older ;)))

  5. Like she said, it was at a crisis point that they made the decision to have an open marriage, so i blame her DOG husband for not wanting to have kids that now they've gotten to this point

  6. She cheated on her husband with 10 men & 2 women…. "Cheers & applause" from the crowd depraved demented people don't have a barometer for what is moral, right or even decent. Adulterous generation stooped so low, the world's end is near. Jesus is coming soon repent all you adulterers & adulteress.

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