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  1. Hi Fran… believe it or not, I was thinking about you the other day and wondering… how in the world could I contact you. And then, when looking at old video's I found you again….AFTER 10 YEARS…. wow!!!!! I have such fond memories of you… and am proud to have been a member of the little support group. Not that everyone accepted me because it was not me with the eating disorder, but my mom. But I so sincerely understood the struggles of those with bulimia and anorexia…. and the accompanying struggles with depression and fear and self-anger… etc. All of which my mom dealt with in spades… and broken hearts too. Yes, she was convinced she was dealt an unfair deck of cards. Anyway, she has passed on now, and I pray she is finally at peace.
    If you are willing, please let me know how things are for you, now. May I be so bold as to wish you the very best and send my love. – Tom

  2. My family isn´t supportive. I have this ugly thoughts. I struggled with my appearence and with other issues all my life but my mom doesn´t allows me to visit a psychologist.

  3. I have told my family about my BDD after living with it for 7 years, and yet they believe its vanity. My dad thinks I just want attention, and my mother just dosent give a shit. I am so sick and tired of close minded people not understanding how serious this is, it wears me thin.

    This hits the nail on the head, thanks for the video

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