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Results of the Stevia – Ketosis Experiment | Update

Take Dr. Berg’s Free Keto Mini-Course: http://pxlme.me/-i717vtY or go here: https://www.drberg.com/how-to-do-ketosis Dr. Berg talks about if stevia kick you out …

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  1. Stevia has been used by South American Tribes between Brazil & Paraguay where the plant is indigenous as a Contraceptive !!!! that's right it is an agenda pushed sweetener ! and it take 2-3 months to leave the system

  2. Hello my fellow ketoans. I’m just started a week ago and it’s been fantastic. Never lost weight this quick in my life. And btw, this, some how, has helped reduce my prostate problem significantly. I’m feeling lighter and not bloated like I used to all the time. The thing is, I’m a heavy hot sweat tea drinker and at the same I love my keto. Is it really really ok to use stevia or should I just let it go. I appreciate any responses in advance.

  3. It is no wonder Stevia caused a mixed-bag of results. I have seen pure Stevia, and also Stevia with dextrose, or erythritol , or monk fruit. You really have to read every label.

  4. That stevia is bad stuff..lm fasting..one meal a day..doing great and losing weight..thought ld try some chocolate without sugar just with stevia…to be kind..l'll just say..l went to the bathroom three times..major colon cramping..not good stuff!

  5. Thanks So Much!! *Will the chunk of BUTTER i put in my decaf drink every morning kick me outta Ketosis?* Per your recommendation I have been (successfully) bumping my "breakfast" out further everyday (to 5pm now) by putting a dab of BUTTER in my decaf coffee. I just wanna make sure that I am NOT sabotaging Ketosis by putting heavy cream, or butter, in my morning Java. Which of the two should I be putting in my decaf Java: Butter or Heavy Cream. Thanks So Much!!

  6. I am glad to know this information. I love Stevia. Stevia has been my handy helper while doing low-carb lifestyle. Not sure i could stick with low-carb without Stevia. So i am very glad to know it's A-O.K. option for sweet. Thank-you, Dr. Berg❣

  7. I would expect that 63% went into the test with the idea that stevia is not good for ketosis. 🙂 The differences are within 'rounding errors', and people tend to report in a way that supports their own previously held beliefs. Not to criticize the test or the testers. I think it's awesome and I'm glad you reported on it. I just find it very strangely coincidental, that 63%. Perhaps a survey of participents beforehand would have revealed that same percent expected it to do just what it did.

  8. Dr Berg!! . Ive been doing keto for the last few months. If i sweeten anything at all, I use stevia and erythritol mix sweetener sparingly . I have PCOS. Ive been reading that Stevia messes with female hormones due to the natural plant content of glycosides (phyto) plant hormones.. it can actually cause infertility?? Im not looking to have any more babies. but many women with PCOS do keto to balance their hormones hoping to be able to have children. Please. what are your thoughts on this.. does anyone have any insight? This way of eating has changed my life for the better in so many ways. I appreciate all of the information you give people! Dr Berg.. Truly saving lives!!

  9. Non-keto question, but how do you do your marker board like that? It has a "pop" to it, and also doesn't have any glare. And thanks for all your content. Been in NK for 15 months without breaking once (no desire to eat carbs/sugar anymore – I like my washboard too much), and your videos helped me figure it all out.

  10. I was drinking a lot of Stevia sweetened beverage without any other ingredients with it and it was causing me to plateau. I dropped this one thing from my diet and it started again. I tried straight stevia extract without anything else just in water and it happened again. So some folks might be more sensitive than others with this. Just an FYI.

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