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oh dear god I don’t know where these hags came from but fucking hell don’t do t his again.

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  1. You’re such a deluded cuck.

    I can’t stand these guys who are stuck in this 2014 naive anti-feminist shit talking about the wage gap, privilege, etc. The reason you hate feminism(and I do) is because we’re both UGLY AS SHIT. Do you think Chad cares about feminism? Has there been a single attractive and popular internet anti-feminist? No, it’s all weird, gross guys who are excluded from sex by cunts.

    The entire point of the feminist movement is and always was about excluding less attractive men from the dating scene leaving nothing but them and Chad. Watch channels like FaceandLMS and BlackPillPresentations and take the actual redpill.

  2. We need God to come down with an 11th commandment: Thou shalt not try to perform music or use music to educate if they do not have talent.. Also I can't wait for my teleportation powers to kick in when I'm 41!

  3. Those two clowns can fuck right off.

    My grandfather's family fled from Czechoslovakia in 1938 with almost nothing to their names and within 20 years they all had homes families and careers of their own that turned out to be successful without any help from the government to speak of beyond a tiny "resettlement award" that was given to them when their refugee status was approved and they had to pay back after attaining their citizenship.

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