Nick Jonas – Last Year Was Complicated: Episode Seven | Update

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  1. Love that you touch on the alien subject and your spirituality.. I've had a few out-of this world spiritual experiences in these ancient locations with our cosmic brothers….Believe, they are our ancestors. =)

  2. I've seen some of the episodes but today I finally go to view them all in order and I have to say honestly congratulations Nick. I remember when you were in the Jonas brothers and then you evolved into nick and the administrations and now you are solo artist. Of course the breakup would have been hard but if it was something that needed to keep your family together it's totally understandable plus you all are growing up and taking different paths in life. From all the episodes I feel you were a bit reluctant about this album and the reception that would surface as I see you are a true artist and think about what you put out. i love every single song, and for me that is hard for me to feel with any artist. I felt such personal connection with songs like unhinged, chains, chainsaw, don't make me choose and when we get home. It made me reflect on my own almost relationship and how it's affected me as it was a year and a bit and this person was my world. I can say last year was complicated, but this really did gave me an epiphany and new perspective. That even during the tough times whether that's a breakup or exploring yourself as long as you are creating your own art and staying true that's all that matters. Amazing reception from me and from many people around the world. Keep doing what your doing. We all love you!

  3. Wish you could love it really…being human is a gift but exploring it in all facets is the true beauty of it all. May your journey lead you to your greatest freedom Nick! ❤️

  4. His "friend" really exudes a bizarre sense of self. His relationship with Nick almost feels like he's grooming, like a child molester or pedophile would. It's uncomfortable. That man as portrayed exteriorly is not who he is behind closed doors. Get as far from that entity as possible, Nick.

  5. Yes finally someone else thinks that the pyramids were built by aliens. For social studies we were put into groups and we had to take an educated guess on how they were built and we chose aliens because how else would the get blocks that weighed I think 1 ton of blocks (but there were 2 million blocks) in a pyramid within 20 years. But of course my group chickened out and didn’t want to explain so I had to explain and we still got full points

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