L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon – New York, NY | Update

Joël Robuchon talks about his NYC fine dining restaurant. Get more info on Savory Cities:

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  1. ha, you took the exact opposite of what I was saying. they were saying that Michelin practically only considers French food to be worthy of Michelin stars. In fact, they went so far as to say, to even be considered, a chef should cook French cuisine.

  2. I watched the very sad documentary about Michelin, ending with one of the chefs [can't recall] killing himself over losing one star.

    I want to open a restaurant, but they said, realistically, Michelin really considers French cuisine to be the best, i.e. you're more apt to get stars form them. I have been researching my market, for Black cuisine, and have narrowed it down to soul food fine dining, with Louisiana French Cajun dishes thrown in, for a star or two. There is no Black fine dining here

  3. Yeah but that would be expensive…that's why McDonald's is around cheap ass food that is no good for your body..hence the reason why America is overweight

  4. @kdg5636 you're right about some other restaurants being more complicated – i went to the fat duck recently and they served some very fiddly dishes.

    i guess i found the comment about complicated food hard to reconcile with the footage of the meticulous presentation of sauce around the dish.

    maybe professional chefs don't see that as complicated though, which is fair enough. different perspectives.

  5. @mahlstadt there really are so many restaurants serving much more complicated dishes like you cannot even identify the ingredients. so Robuchon's food is not that much complicated. i guess it's just complicated in ur shitty standard yeah?

  6. @200esx You think the presentation isn't complicated?

    Look at the dish that is being prepared when he delivers that line (1:07).

    If that isn't a complicated presentation, what is? Give me an example 200esx.

    I do like Robuchon's restaurants by the way!

  7. to suggest that robuchon lacks class,is to demonstrate perfectly a lack of the notion of 'class',or more to the point a probable lack of understanding of the philosophy of a true master craftsman.

  8. funny, im eating at the fat duck for my 21st! but in december! i wanna eat at gavroche before waterside inn, iv spoken to michel roux over the phone, hes a really nice guy! but el bulli, im actually trying very hard to get a table there for next season, chances are i wont!,

  9. nice! i wouldnt mind headin to claridges myself someday. if u go to roayl hospital road you should go on the prestige menu. its awesome. service is very good too.

  10. o i dont doubt that, i mean i took my girlfriend for dinner at royal hospital road (ramsays 3 star place) and the food was awesome. presentation looked beautiful, but the flavours were absolutely outstanding (especially the tomato consomme!)

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