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Ketosis: Post Workout Carb Timing: Thomas DeLauer | Update

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  1. Thomas, can you please do a video reviewing the Kinobody plan by Greg Ogallagher on YouTube? His system seems to work very well for a lot of people and I'm trying to square it with all the awesome things I'm learning from you, but you both are operating under different paradigms.

  2. Hi. I'm going on a 15 miles high elevation hike. Am I OK to eat Quest power bars? It should be 4-8G Net Carb (23G Carbs ; 17G Fiber). Also, on days I rock climb I eat the bar mid climbed. Should I eat it before I start climbing? I usually climb/belay for 3 hours. I appreciate your response.

  3. so no carbs after workout? thats gonna be hard i do fasting from morning till evening go work out and eat all mz fats carbs and protein in a 2/3 hour window

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