DROP KICK TRY? Brisbane Broncos Vs Melbourne Storm | Match Day Vlog | update

Hey Guys Welcome Back To Another Game Day Vlog At Suncorp Stadium With The Brisbane Broncos Vs The Melbourne Storm Enjoy Guys! ▻ SUBSCRIBE TO …

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  1. Why korbin sims hit jack bird then jack drop the ball Brisbane would have won but look like korbin is drunk. Fletch are you going to watch Brisbane broncos vs south Sydney Rabbitohs next week

  2. Yeah, dude consistency is the word we may not see much of those tries but last time an incident like this happened don't know if u remember was cowboys vs Broncos 2016 semifinals. right after halftime, JT dropped the ball then kicked it the I forgot who scored off it but was sent up as no try and that's what the ruling was. Brisbane was in the game at some points however even if that call went against Melbourne they still would have won I reckon

  3. Hahaha funny when someone else does it. Noone cares (I could name 3 others that have done it) but when slater does it hes a grub and a cheat lmao. Grow up Sooks (Nice video btw just wanted to get that out)

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