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DEA Whistleblower EXPOSES Corruption That Led To Opioid Crisis | Update

Majority Report Contributor Michael Brooks is hosting the show for Sam Seder today. In this clip, we watch a 60 Minutes clip featuring David Schiller, a former …

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  1. Thanks The Majority Report with Sam Seder.:) There's a "Kerfuffle" because we found a way to Sell  better heroin? Why does the Right ever get to hold the Higher Ground again? (Sure but it's the best way for a lot of us to experience an Alternate Universe – that would be simply the Internet, wanna-be smack freaks?):D

  2. Or the government can hire these people and make them work producing drugs. You win twice. First the government set paying standards. And second the government sets selling cost standards.

    And then you get to turn around and say: If the government can do it, so can the private corporations. Because lets all remember that corporations are supposed to be more productive then the government.

    Further more, not only does this doesnt cost the government money, because selling drugs is profitable. But the profits goes to either lower your taxes or increase your services.

  3. Arthur Sackler created the opioids, uses Purdue in Ct. to distribute it and is the cause of the genocide going on. You will find his name attached to all the ivy league schools, hall of fame and monuments. Do something about the Sacker family, Trump donator and distributor Purdue!

  4. Simple solution, hold everyone accountable from the bottom to the top. If they took part in this they should go to jail and be fined. Also, the fines to the companies should be a minimum of 110% of the total profits they made. All employees who were behind the crime are found guilty they should also be fined a minimum of 110% of any bonus they made plus possible jail time. Once we start holding people accountable for their actions things like this will go away. This included politicians too.

  5. Wow who knew that a corporation was acting as a illegal drug cartel. Hmmm isn't weird that the U.S. market was flooded with Oxy around the time NAFTA was enacted, knowing that huge swathes of middle America was about to become unemployed? Also Fuck the DEA!!

  6. As a recovering addict with 3 yrs off of a hefty heroin habit, I can tell you for the most part the ship has already sailed as far as pharma opioids go. Everyone has already moved to heroin, like 8 yrs ago when they started the crack down on pill mills and shady doctors. Some still do use pills, but not many. Plus even if you find pills they are either laced with poisons AKA fakes, or really really really expensive.

  7. Thank you for clipping this. Really important story and such a great read from you all but Michael especially. I foresee myself linking this to people an awful lot.

  8. Woah Jack.  I was almost with you right up until you come up with some lame ass socialist solution, "The problem is no company should ever be able to be this big.  It should be broken up like a utility."  So, the government takes over regulation of this shit, once again fails to be at all effective at a task, and your answer is to interfere with commerce and task them again with breaking up this behemoth. ?? If the government would but out and not allow corporate charter and or corporate veil protection in the first place, and real people were liable, this shit and other Walmart like giants would never get this big and powerful and power certainly does corrupt.

  9. I am most certainly not a fan of corporate America! But Amazon is drugs and most importantly opiates or the synthetic opioid either or! I believe drugs like fentanyl Oxycontin whatever should be regulated and so no differently than it was 25 30 40 50 60 years ago! You can prescribe it people understand what they're getting into and if they don't it could be easily explained to them! And to those that don't understand the consequences and didn't get the memo, is there could be and should be maintenance medications kratom Etc various ways to get out if you become addicted! Prohibition on anything does not work the minute you say don't do this that's when it will happen! I don't like guns personally, but I know that if we ban them or even some of them 3D printing is working on creating a fully functional automatic assault weapon! People should be allowed to be gay straight transgender black white brown pink blue, it's none of her f**** business as long as you're not harming people! My mother was prescribed pain medication she never had to break into anybody's house to get I'm unsick! Pain meds have been proven to not be the best alternative. But they are wonderful alternative for recreation! For people that want to get high they should have the right. And with regulation, and it would you do me amount of said narcotic. And there are plenty of drugs that would never make it to Market if people had access to clean appropriate narcotics! You just aren't going to be able to stop people from doing what they want to! Mexico would be flourishing, if it wasn't for our fuckery! Nobody would want to leave their country on a death trip your country where you're ostracized, and you don't speak the language and you don't know the culture. Desperation poverty that's what leads people to do things! But I'm sure we can take care of the money situation and focus on universal educated population, then drugs are going to have a very lucrative future! And I just can't understand why you would put the cartels in charge or allow any black market to take over! I'll leave it at that

    -peace, veteran of the drug war

  10. By the way, overdose deaths attributed to prescription narcotics alone, pain pills in particular having not killed anywhere near the amount the new illegal street drugs have! Once they were able to shut down pill Mills as they recalled and put restrictions on greedy pharmaceutical companies, the black market was just sitting there waiting! Fentanyl and polydrug use are what is killing people!

  11. It's all FAKE. The Government created this and it's harming innocent Chronic pain patients.
    Why aren't people raising HELL about TORTURING INNOCENT people? The Suffering is HUGE. Our government is Practicing medicine without a License!
    FACT; Alcohol kills 88,000 a year and it's LEGAL and sold over the counter!
    While, Prescription pain meds only kills 5 thousand. That's nothing. They've been caught combining Illegal drug deaths with legitimate. Try listening to Las Vegas NV News Channel ,
    " 8 News Now"
    You will hear the facts.
    George Knapp is a Real investigative reporter and he's uncovered the Truth!
    Politicians are accepting donations from the Addiction Industry to push the agenda of Opioid crisis. The Addiction Industry is looking for their piece of the pie. The Government created the black market. Lots of corruption behind this.
    Prescriptions have been constantly declining since 2012 to the point that we thousands of legitimate pain patients Suffering without proper pain care now.
    People have serious accidents and have survived. They have incurable diseases that warrant legitimate pain care. Our government is sending us back Decades in pain management. There should be an Outrage against the inhumane Torture happening in our country?
    This is the real reason why 22 Veterans are dying each day, not PTSD. The media is lying as usual. Soldiers get severely harmed only to return home to be Tortured more.

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