Breaking Mega 7.0 Quake hits Indonesia 37 Dead Many Hurt | Update also Breaking 7.0 earthquake hits Bali in Indonesia also Help Us Spread the Word also also also also also also also

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  1. The real christian hope is the real gold Yeshua. You think material gold helps at all? God made this gold…as satanist you will not unterstand…of course. But i am sure…you will burn proberly…once lighted. Lol

  2. As I've stated previously Obama was raised in Indonesia . He is a Muslim . He's not CHRISTIAN !! Also , Hawaii Valcano is out of control……. Obama spent some time in both places……. Now look at Chicago all Hell Is breaking loose over there………once again Obama lived in Chicago… People Obama is connected to all three places …….God is showing us something for those awake !!! Judgement is here and Obama made same sex marriage legal and now vengeance is at Hand. God is not mocked !!!

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