2018 – Italy – Road Bridge Collapses as Tanker Truck Explodes on Motorway near Bologna Airport – 6/8 | Update

(ROME, REUTERS, 6 Aug 2018) – A tanker truck ploughed into a lorry on a motorway near Bologna airport in northern Italy on Monday (6 Aug 2018), exploding in flames and sending a huge ball of fire and black smoke into the sky.

At least two people were killed and more than 60 injured, according to local authorities.

Police closed off the road where the crash took place as well as the surrounding area of Borgo Panigale, on the outskirts of the city of Bologna.

Video of the incident showed the tanker truck, which contained inflammable materials, slamming into the back of a lorry which had come to a halt because of heavy traffic. The tanker immediately caught fire and then exploded, causing part of a road bridge to collapse.

The fire spread to a car dealership below and several other vehicles burst into flames.

“The shockwave from the blast was extremely violent. Many of the injured received cuts from flying glass, which had shattered,” said Giovanni Carella, the emergency coordinator for the local fire service.

He said he thought the tanker had probably been carrying liquid petroleum gas.

A video shot from a parked car appeared to show someone being engulfed by flames when the tanker exploded.

Bologna Crash: Tanker Truck Fireball Kills Two and Injures Dozens

(BBC News, 6 Aug 2018) – A tanker and a lorry have collided on a motorway on the outskirts of the northern Italian city of Bologna, causing a major fire and explosion.

Images released by police show the tanker ploughing into the back of the lorry that had come to a stop in motorway traffic.

They then caught fire, triggering a huge fireball, and the bridge they were on partly collapsed.

Two people have died and at least 55 have been injured, Italian media say.

The fire spread to a car park below, where several more vehicles exploded at about 14:00 (12:00 GMT).

Police closed off a number of roads in Borgo Panigale, an area on the city’s outskirts, causing serious delays to those travelling to the nearby airport, which remained open.

The accident happened on the Casalecchio junction that connects the A1 to the A14.

Many of the injured were hit by debris and broken glass from the explosion, Italian media reported.

The windows of many houses in the area were also said to have shattered.


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  1. Wait…lots of questions! First, why is the beginning part cut to a close-up of a different scene where the truck in back and in front are RED in color, then back to original where both trucks are white in color? Then another section witnesses a huge explosion not like that of the original video. Then we have the hole that shows no vehicles next to the accident? Something very odd going on here and it looks like it is made up of separate events at different locations.

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