There are 278 collectibles in Styx: Master of Shadows including 270 tokens and 8 relics. You will unlock following trophies while collecting the tokens and relics:

My precious – Gather all the treasures [Gold]
Reminiscences – Finish the introduction [Bronze]
Akenash’s Atrium – Finish Mission 1 [Bronze]
Master Key – Finish Mission 2 [Bronze]
Deliverance – Finish Mission 3 [Bronze]
The Creator – Finish Mission 4 [Bronze]
The Architect – Finish Mission 5 [Bronze]
Conflagration – Finish Mission 6 [Bronze]
Renaissance – Finish Mission 7 [Gold]


Styx: Master of Shadows Collectible Guide:

Styx: Master of Shadows Speedrun, Stealth Guide (Shadow, Mercy, Swiftness Insignias):

After collecting all tokens and insignias (shadow, mercy, swiftness, thief) you will have enough SP to unlock all skills and grab the following trophy/achievment:
Great power… – Unlock all skills [Gold]

Game also contains situate trophies:

Pretentious – Do not use any item during a mission [Bronze]

Tidy up your room! – No body found during a mission [Bronze]

Music Lover – You looked at the World Tree a bit too long … [Bronze]

Army of clones – Create 30 clones [Bronze]

Expendable – Let 15 clones die [Bronze]

Dodge this – Kill an enemy who was bound by a clone [Bronze]

Watch out below! – Kill two or more enemies by making a chandelier drop on them [Bronze]

Indigestion – Kill an enemy by poisoning the food [Bronze]

Suicide mission – Eliminate a guard with a booby trapped clone [Bronze]

Goblin snack – Give an orc one of your clones to eat [Bronze]

Like looking through a wall – Manage to disable three guards, or more, inside a clone’s smoke bomb [Bronze]

My precious – Gather all the treasures [Gold]

Unseen, unknown – Unlock the Insignia of the Shadow for each mission [Gold]

You will be able to complete all these trophies/achievments as you will progress through the game while the first walkthrough. You can replay any mission.


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