Portofino, Rapallo & Santa Margherita – The Italian Riviera (Liguria)
#Portofino is a charming sea village on the Italian Riviera circumscribed by the green of the Natural Regional Park and Marine Reserve. This splendid sea resort with its lux, Mediterranean personality, also boasts an ancient marine culture. The area around Portofino is a protected park.
The little streets leading up from the harbour can be explored in very little time. As well as expensive boutiques, there are cheaper souvenir shops and also general stores where you could put together a picnic if you’re planning on a walk. Via Roma leads upwards from the harbour, and is the busiest street, with a range of shops, the Portofino Tourist Information Office and the Post Office.
The pretty Piazzetta by the harbour is lined with cafe and restaurant tables, a lovely place to relax with a drink and watch the boats.
Wandering the waterfront and the lanes, you’ll find yachting boutiques, jewellers and art galleries…….
#Rapallo was originally a traditional harbour town, and is now the largest and most important seaside resort on the Mediterranean coast in north-west Italy. It is not far from Portofino and with its range of hotels, Rapallo makes a good base for exploring the coast. Bigger and busier than its neighbours, and a little less expensive. Rapallo is convenient for travellers as it is also nearer the autostrada and has more ‘stopping’ train services……
#Santa Margherita Ligure is that wonderfully old-fashioned kind of Riviera resort where palm fronds wave along the esplanade and is also well placed to explore local highlights such as Portofino. The seafront is the main attraction at Santa Margherita Ligure, with its beach, lively harbour and promenade, and is very picturesque with palm trees, grand buildings and brightly coloured houses immediately behind the seafront.There are two quite extensive areas of beach in the centre of the town, hence its popularity as a base for visitors exploring the region…..
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